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Comic Books

Comic books are back in a big way. With every blockbuster of the past few years being packed full of superheroes and villains, more people than ever are starting to pick up comics. Unfortunately, there are few mediums that are harder to get into than comic books. American comics have extensive histories and many, many different story lines. It can be very difficult for a new fan to know where to jump in.

My mission at Johnny Destructo's Hero Complex, which I chose to accept, is to provide a clean, open and approachable comic book shop that doesn't assault the senses upon entering. I aim to provide excellent, knowledgeable customer service to veteran geeks and new fans alike. If there are genres in other media that you enjoy, but don't know anything about comics, I can point you towards a book or series that you will love!

Comic Books

I stock graphic novels and Japanese manga alongside the traditional “floppy” comics. I am invested in making the comic book medium more accessible to new fans. I will provide expert advise to all my customers, allowing them to find jumping off points and new series to get into. Pop culture is a varied and interesting world. I believe that it would be a shame to keep fellow nerds from enjoying good series, which is why I strive to give everyone the best comic book store experience possible.

Whether you’re looking for comic or if you’re looking for new superhero and anime action figures, my store has what you’re looking for. If you can’t find it here, I’ll be happy to order it for you. Johnny Destructo's Hero Complex is proud to serve Philadelphia, PA as friendly and knowledgeable comic book seller.