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Graphic Novels

Comic books have had a long-standing reputation for being childish. While this may have been true of earlier comics, this is no longer the case. Comics, and especially graphic novels are taking on many different topics, themes and genres. They tell many varied stories and have different target audiences. While some are meant for children, others are very adult in their themes.

At Johnny Destructo's Hero Complex one of my goals is to expand readership of graphic novels. To do this, I started a book club called RetroSpectacle. Like a traditional book club, we pick a book for the following month, and discuss our current book while enjoying pizza, beer and wine. RetroSpectacle is a way for veteran geeks and new nerds alike to experience and share stories that they might not otherwise have chosen.

Graphic Novels

I offer a wide selection of graphic novels in my comic book shop that include superhero novels, foreign comics, and more. I even sell manga for fans of anime. Whatever you want to read, my store can carry it. And if you can’t find it here, I can order it for you.

If you’re looking for a friendly comic book seller in Philadelphia, PA or if you’re interested in joining RetroSpectacle, visit me at Johnny Destructo's Hero Complex today!